Q. How old was Joseph when his father died? [Andrew aged 8]
A. Joseph was 56 when his father Jacob died.  Joseph was 17 when sold by his brothers and was re-united with his father after 22 years.  The Torah tells us that Jacob arrived in Egypt aged 130 and lived for 17 years there before he died.  That means that Joseph was 56 when his father died. [Children's Rabbi]

Next festival?

Q. What is the next festival? [Ryan aged 9]
A. The next festival in the Jewish calendar is Tu B’Shvat – 15th Shvat which is the New Year for Trees [Children's Rabbi]

Asara B’Tevet

Q. What is Asara B’Tevet? [Aharon aged 10]
A. It is one of three fast days in the Jewish calendar which remember the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. This fast falls on 10 Tevet remembers the start of the surrounding of Jerusalem that led to its destruction. [Children's Rabbi]