Q. When do Jews believe that the Messiah will come? What will it take for him to come? Why hasn’t he come yet? [Jess, aged 14]

A. There are broadly two opinions on when the Messiah (Moshiach in Hebrew meaning ‘anointed one’) will come.  Either when the world has reached a state of near perfection and is fit to have G-d revealed in the world or alternatively when the world has sunk to such low levels of depravity and a great war threatens human existence so much so that the Moshiach is needed to save the world.  There is also an opinion that states that if every Jew was to keep two Shabbatot perfectly then the Moshiach would come immediately and the coming of Moshiach is something that we hope and pray for every day.
I hope the above explains why he hasn’t come yet.

[Children's Rabbi]