Bar Mitzvah

Q. Why do boys have Bar Mitzvahs?   [Nathan aged 7]

A.  A Jewish boy becomes Bar Mitzvah on his 13th birthday.  This is based on Ethics of the Fathers that teaches that at 13 years old a boy must keep the mitzvot.  This is the age at which the boy begins his adult life and a symbol of this new maturity is the responsibility to keep mitzvot.  Becoming Bar Mitzvah is usually marked by the boy being called to the Torah and even reading a section of it, as this is the first time he is entitled to do so.
[Children's Rabbi]


Q.  When did rabbi rashi die?  [Nathan aged 7]

A.  Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki) was born in 1040 and died on 29th Tammuz 1105 in Troyes (France)
[Children's Rabbi]